Obligatory tests for infectious diseases is being done daily for emigrants and overseas students.

Infectious diseases are globally important because of the risk of their direct or indirect spread. HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis are the 2 most leading causes of mortality worldwide.

Tuberculosis (TB) in industrialized countries has reemerged as a public health concern during the 20th century. One third of the world's population is estimated to be infected but most of infected cases are regarded as Latent TB infection. Certain groups such as immigrants are at higher risk of TB infection so pre-entry screening, and treatment where necessary, will help to prevent the risk of TB in the industrialized countries.

In order to diagnose TB, recent data suggest that compared to traditional Tuberculin Skin Tests (TST), Interferon-gamma release assays (IGRAs) have higher specificity and sensitivity (1). Their use was first limited to 40% of industrialized countries as a confirmatory test for a positive TST result and increasingly as a single-step test to replace TST. IGRAs are cost-effective and, if results are positive, can predict progression to active TB (2). IGRAs are approved by FDA and CE.

Naamdar Medical Diagnostic Lab (www.naamdar.com) as the main referral center for IGRAs is performing this screening test for persons who plan to emigrate from Iran and also for international workers who work in Iran (such as embassy staff).

This center closely collaborates with a translation company in UK to deliver valid translated medical documents to patients where necessary (http://www.gcmedicaltranslation.co.uk/).

We would like to express our interest to cooperate with respectful embassies in order to help our people and also citizens of your country to be protected from communicable diseases.


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2. Bakir M, Millington KA, Soysal A, Deeks JJ, Efee S, Aslan Y, Prognostic value of a T-cell-based, interferon-gamma biomarker in children with tuberculosis contact. Ann Intern Med. 2008;149:777–87


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