Naamdar Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (NMDL) is recognized for its excellence in performing laboratory tests and the quality control system which is precisely followed in the laboratory.

NMDL is licensed by the Ministry of Health (MoH) of Iran and is regularly inspected by the MoH officials to ensure adherence to strict regulations and quality control guidelines. NMDL has continually maintained perfect ratings by regulatory bodies.

The laboratory is supervised by a team of medical doctors and laboratory specialists who are all faculty members of well-respected universities in Tehran. The laboratory acts as a referral center for specialized tests and uses high-tech, fully automated systems for all tests. NMDL is able to provide clinicians with invaluable diagnostic information which assists them in diagnosis and clinical management of various diseases.

The laboratory also publishes research papers and performs research projects for commercial, governmental, and academic organizations. NMDL performs contractual annual health checks for national and international companies and the reports can be prepared in English, Persian or both depending on the request of the companies. To facilitate the follow-up of patients by clinicians, plots showing laboratory values are routinely generated for individuals.

All staff and employees are able to communicate in English and Persian and the laboratory instructions are also available in English. The laboratory welcomes all patients from all ethnicities and all nationalities in a warm and friendly environment. All laboratory tests can also be performed in the companies’ location upon request and a team of experts (physician, supervisors, phlebotomists and coordinators) can be dispatched to collect the samples.

In addition to professional excellence, NMDL is also known for its environment-friendly policies.

We have always built a mutual trust with our clients and we are proud to provide exceptional service.

Address: No 118,  Fathi Shaghaghi St, Yousef Abad Ave, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 21 88638765,     +98 21 88638714                Fax: +98 21 88638760

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